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Audit Improvement Training

Continual improvement is at the heart of every management system. By checking and refining you are improving and optimising performance of both your management system, and business performance overall. Staff are an important, integral part of your management system, and training to improve their knowledge, skills and techniques helps to boost the value of audits and the audit programme to your business. 

“The course was very well presented with good subject matter would recommend this course to others.” Mark Jenkins, Micro Matic

These courses refresh and rejuvenate your approach to managing and conducting audits and apply equally whether they are for quality, environmental, health and safety or any other management system standards. We use proven frameworks and models to move your audits from simple compliance into tools that maximise business performance. Our training courses use engaging, interactive methods for practical and memorable learning and we’ll challenge your habits and assumptions to make your audits more effective and more efficient.

  • Audit Report Writing Learn how to write concise reports that are quick to read and inspire appropriate action where it’s needed. Work smarter, not harder.
  • Facilitating Risk Based Auditing Use risk based criteria to plan your audit programme so you concentrate on areas with the biggest potential impact for your organisation first.     
  • Improving Your Audit System Mature management systems can drift away from their original precise objectives. Learn how to develop and manage effective internal audit programmes, use risk and performance data to prioritise internal audit activities and to monitor and improve the performance of internal audits.
  • Tutored Audit Plan and conduct your own live audit under the guidance of one of our expert trainers. They will be with you, giving you support and feedback at every stage, helping make your auditing more effective.

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Train In-Company and work as a team under the guidance of an LRQA trainer to improve audit skills and the whole audit system. The training can incorporate your company's own systems and processes giving you an opportunity to tackle day to day issues and challenges, and discover practical, workable solutions together.


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