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Do you have a quality management system in place? LRQA Training delivers effective and practical quality management system courses built around the ISO 9001 QMS standard that will improve your understanding and appreciation, enabling your to apply the requirements of the standard to form effective and robust systems Our suite of quality courses range from an appreciation through to lead auditor level and beyond. LRQA will train you to apply systems and procedures to improve performance, implement and audit management systems and develop your professional quality management skills.

Is your understanding of environmental legislation current? LRQA Training will help you to understand the ISO 14001 standard and the value of implementing an effective (EMS) Environmental Management System You may be new to your environmental role and are implementing a new system or are tasked with carrying out supplier audits. In either case courses are available from LRQA Training. You may even be a lead auditor in quality and need to encompass your EMS. Once again, our conversion course will guide you through the process. LRQA understands that effective EMS courses will improve your thinking and behaviour. EMS training provides you with an efficient and organised approach to implementing an effective Environmental Management System and consequently increasing the overall profitability of your organisation.

Are you happy with your Occupational Health and Safety Procedures? The role of a Health and Safety Management System is to prevent injury, death or ill health to those at work or affected by work activities A robust health and safety management system is vital in order to comply with today’s surfeit of legislation. It is your legal requirement to develop Health and Safety arrangements and policies. By implementing and continually improving a formal system such as OHSAS 18001, you will progress beyond being legally compliant and improve the operation of your Health and Safety Management Systems.

LRQA Training will help your organisation to implement and develop an (IMS) Integrated Management System which will reduce duplication and improve focus on objectives. You may want to integrate two or more of the following management systems: Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001) or Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001). We will take you through the processes necessary to achieve a clear holistic picture of your organisation. You will learn how to create a structure which will efficiently and effectively deliver your organisations objectives using a simple framework upon which to build your Integrated Management System.

Do you want to gain the most from your Audits? Do you want audits to help drive improvement of your management systems? Our Audit Improvement courses are designed for auditors and individuals who wish to further develop their skills and experiences and who are seeking further CPD opportunities. LRQA Training courses will help you build on your knowledge of the auditing processes for conformance, effectiveness and improvement of your organisations quality, IT and environmental management systems. You will develop and combine your auditing skills with an in depth understanding of relevant management system standards. These courses are intended to refresh and rejuvenate your approach to the management of your internal audits.

LRQA Training ensures that you operate tomorrow if your data was lost today. Is your organisation complying with data security, integrity and privacy? Let LRQA Training assist you with the development and implementation of an Information Security Management System, (ISMS) certificated to ISO/IEC 27001 which will help to prevent breaches in your information security. Ensure your vital information cannot be accessed, stolen, corrupted or lost. Maybe ISO 28000 is important to enhance your supply chain security or a greater understanding of how a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) could help meet your business needs by adhering to BS 25999.

Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) are evolving and is of growing importance to ensure regular assessment of legislative and procedural compliance. At the same time it is important to be responsive to any developments and improvements required within the workplace. Whatever level your organisation operates at in the food supply chain, it may be important to meet ISO 22000 standards as well as being mindful of HACCP principles.

Are you responsible for driving improvement within your organisation and bringing about effective and productive change to integrate into your business systems? Maybe you’re an internal or lead auditor and looking for the next step or have you been tasked with improving processes or bringing about change within your team. LRQA Training’s highly successful Business Improvement programme offers your employees the skills to improve your organisation’s approach to developing and measuring performance and improving the quality and delivery of your service. Topics covered in the courses range from offering tools and techniques for Problem Solving and Benchmarking Performance. LRQA will offer Facilitation Skills to ensure you learn how to get the best out of meetings and avoid wasted activities, enabling managers to build and motivate a productive team.


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