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IOSH Senior Executives and Directors Workshop

Corporate Responsibility

1 Day

You need this course if ...

  • you are a senior executive and need an understanding of the safety and health issues you face
  • you wish to review management policies and strategies, and, where necessary, introduce changes to operate more safely

You will learn ...

  • that health and safety is a main line management function, emanating from the top and descending through management layers
  • the financial implications of accidents and ill health caused by working conditions
  • to identify current legislation and other regulations relevant to the particular workplace including; the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Management of Workplace Health and Safety Regulations
  • the penalties for offences related to health and safety legislation, including the concept of corporate manslaughter

    • the significance of documentation and procedures to satisfy legislation

    • the law’s shift in emphasis to a non-prescriptive approach based on the assessment of risk in terms of best current practice

    • basic principles of risk assessment and how to identify the root causes of accidents

    • the need to appoint competent people to advise on the health and safety function

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